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We Make Every Decorative Light with Our Sincerity to Warm Hearts

We focus on producing, researching, and developing filament led edison bulbs, smart edison bulbs, vintage led bulbs, led string lights, lamp holders, accessories and much more,ready to continuously develop new products and markets.



Widely used in steakhouses, cafes, western restaurants, Chinese restaurants, bars, specialty restaurants, chain restaurants, etc.


By adopting different shapes, sizes, colors, brightness, CRI and related accessories, it can match various home decoration styles, such as nordic style, pastoral style, american style, modern style, european minimalist style, mediterranean style , neoclassical style, etc.


Applicable to all kinds of star hotels, the motels, guest houses, lodges, chain hotels, etc., to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere with a living style.


Widely used in various coffee shops, lighting stores, clothing stores, burger stores, bookstores, pet stores, stationery stores, etc.


Applicable to all kinds of churches, the light color, brightness and color rendering index of the light are particularly important.


Brightorz bulbs and string lights are widely used in all kinds of yards, corridors, gardens, balconies, terraces, camping, etc.

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Brightorz is proudly listed among the leading suppliers in vintage LED edison bulbs and string lights from China. We focus on producing, researching, and developing led decorative lights, smart edison bulbs, vintage led bulbs, led string lights, lamp holders, lamp accessories and much more, ready to continuously develop new products and markets. In order to meet our customers’ strict requirements in terms of quality, most of our products are TUV CE RoHS, ETL, Erp, FCC approval, and our factory is BSCI certified. Brightorz relies on its incredibly rich experience and business sources in the field of led decorative lighting, providing led décor lights, exhaustive solutions, and one-stop purchase service for customers. Brightorz firmly adheres to the concept “For Your Warmer And Brighter Life”, striving to create increasing value for our customers, turning our employees’ dreams into a luminous reality. At Brightorz, we are committed to being a responsible company in our industry, ensuring the future stays as bright as the present.

We look forward to working with you and growing together!


As one of leading suppliers in decorative light bulbs and strings, Brightorz has been serving our partners in more than 20 countries since 2012, not only provide quality products, but also provide the solutions. We understand our success relies on the growth of our Customers. We keep improving our product and service to ensure at all times we meet their expectations.


According to your actual project, we can provide small batch customization services, and solutions with a variety of products and accessories you need, such as decorative bulbs, wires, lamp holders, light strips, spotlights, strings, etc. One-stop Serve.

Lighting Stores

We can not only provide display solutions for your store, but also provide services such as packaging design, fast supply of small batches, after-sales support, and market trend information sharing.


We can provide you with full-process services such as color box or label design, customized products, application for new energy efficiency labels,testing and inspection on your behalf, one-stop purchase, and organizing shipments, etc.

Wholesalers, Importers

We have a total production workshop of over 10,000 square meters and more than ten years of industry experience. We can provide you with professional OEM/ODM production, stable supply and fast delivery, reducing costs and creating the greatest value for you.


10 Years of Industry Experience – 1,0000㎡ Production Area - Incredible Flexibility - Customized Service – One-Stop Purchase – Responsibility & Reliability.

10+ Years of Experience

Our core engineers can count on more than 10 years of design and manufacturing experience, unparalleled proficiency in production processes, and can effectively provide customers with a wide variety of designs and solutions.

10000㎡ Production Area

We can rely on three professional trustworthy manufacturers with a total area of about 10,000 square meters, specializing in the production of LED Edison bulbs, LED smart lights, LED decorative lights, and indoor and outdoor light strings. Our goal is to provide customers with better quality products, faster delivery, and better service.

Incredible Flexibility

We do not require a high MOQ like other factories. Unlike them, we treasure every single customer, so that we can better meet their diverse requirements, such as small-scale customization, packaging requirements, label customization, etc., and provide customers with increasingly thoughtful cooperation and services.

Customized Service

We can provide product design solutions according to customer requirements, we can open new molds based on actual samples or drawings provided by customers, and also provide customized packaging and labeling services to meet any kind of need our customers have.

One-Stop Purchase

Our multi-channel supply chain resources are something you don’t see very often. Except for self-produced products, we can also supply LED décor lighting related products with reasonable prices and fast delivery, assisting customers in unified shipments, saving communication and time costs for our old and new clients.

Responsibility & Reliability

We believe that mutual benefit and a win-win attitude are the true essence of long-term cooperation. Good quality and hassle-free service are the foundation. Only when our customers can make profit, then we can have the opportunity to develop. Treating every customer with sincerity and handling every order responsibly is at the very front of our priorities.


Listen to What Our Customers Say About Us and Our Products

Stefan from Austria

We are an Austrian professional lighting company, we have been working with Belf(Brightorz) for over ten years, we can confirm that Belf is a reliable and professional company in the field of led filament bulbs, reasonable prices and always good service, we are really happy to work together with them. We believe that business is not just purchase and sell, it is about partnership and good relationship to our partners.Trustful and reliable innovative partners are an important thing on our way.

Mario from South Africa

ACDC Dynamics(Pty) Ltd, head quartered at 26 Nguni Drive,Longmeadow Estate West,Edenvale,South Africa is a manufacturer,distributor and importer of electrical products, we have a long standing relationship with Hangzhou Belf Technology Co.,Ltd (previous name Belf), we confirm that they are a reliable and professional company in the field of led decor lighting, filament led bulbs, reasonable pricing and good service. We are happy to highly recommend them as a supplier.

Mikki from the Philippines

We have started to work with Brightorz(previous name Belf) in 2019, they have provided us various filament led bulb designs based on our specifications. They have been hands on in meeting our concerns and our needs from sampling, production,until delivery of stocks. They are proactive in helping us meet our needs, timelines, and delivery requests. We are very happy with the products they have produced for us, and the good relationship established with us.


In order to meet our customers’ strict requirements in terms of quality, most of our products are TUV CE RoHS, ETL, Erp, FCC approval, and our factory is BSCI certified.


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